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Geraldine Ly Obtains $6.2M For Her Clients

$70 million – Orange Superior
Torts | Eminent Domain | Inverse Condemnation
For the PlaintiffDavid B. Ezra, Craig S. Simon (Berger Kahn, ALC, Irvine); Walter J. Lack, Robert J. Wolfe (Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack, Los Angeles); Gary A. Hamblet (Morris, Polich & Purdy, LLP, Los Angeles); Richard A. Jones (Law Offices of Richard A. Jones, Santa Ana); John S. Peterson, Joseph Schwar (Peterson Law Group, Los Angeles); Geraldine G. Ly (

, Santa Ana); Eric V. Traut (Traut Firm, Santa Ana)
Updated: Of the $6.2 judgment, Ms. Ly was able to collect over $7,000,000 for her clients which included accrued interest.


Geraldine Ly settled a workers compensation matter for $305,000 for a police officer who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer which was argued to be industrially related due to his duties as an officer. The officer sadly passed away a few weeks after the settlement.

After six years of litigation against a government entity in Orange County, Geraldine Ly settled a case for her client who fell 2 stories into an empty concrete vat. Her client sustained serious injuries but recovered from most of them during the course of the case. At the time of settlement, the injured worker’s doctor recommended only one additional corrective surgery to his leg. The case settled for $290,000.

Geraldine Ly’s client worked as a machine operator in a publishing and printing company where she suffered a traumatic amputation to her finger and disfigurement to two other fingers when the machine malfunctioned despite being shut off. Ms. Ly settled this workers compensation matter for $295,000, and continues to pursue the manufacturer of the defective machine and the City of Los Angeles for civil damages.

Geraldine Ly settled a personal injury case against the State of California (Department of Highway Patrol) for $500,000. Their client, a motorcyclist, was hit by a CHP patrol car conducting a traffic break on the 5 freeway. Plaintiff suffered serious orthopedic injuries, and will require future surgeries to his hip and shoulder. The matter proceed to mediation with Darrell Forgey, Esq., who moved the parties from a $1.4 million demand and a $75,000 offer by the State, to final settlement. The State was unable to offer more money to the Plaintiff due to budget constraints.

Geraldine Ly utilized mediator Michael Moorhead in settling a case for $340,000 against the City of Hawthorne and the Hawthorne Police Department. Geraldine’s client accused the police department of using excessive force during an arrest, which force caused serious injuries including a displaced fracture in the cervical spine, multiple herniated discs, and a concussion.

Geraldine Ly settled a workers’ compensation case for $1,173,000 for her client who suffered from a broken ankle which eventually led to the development of stage 3 CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome, in her left leg. Her client was previously represented by two other attorneys who told the client to take $10,000 and $15,000, respectively, as total settlement for the case. In the words of her prior attorney, “Take the money and run. This ain’t the lottery, Kid.” Luckily, the client was not satisfied that her crippled left leg was worth only $10,000. Geraldine took over the case in 2008, and sued the Agreed Medical Examiner doctor for malpractice for failing to diagnose CRPS causing him to be recused from the workers’ compensation matter. A new AME was selected, and that doctor’s report combined with an extensive life-care plan alerted the insurance company to take a closer look at the injury. After months of negotiations, the matter was resolved in a lump sum. Geraldine’s client structured a significant portion of her settlement for her future medical care.

Geraldine Ly settled a workers’ compensation claim for a back injury suffered by an owner of a landscaping company. The owner purchased a policy to cover his industrial injuries, but The Hartford denied coverage because he was a principal of the company. Geraldine argued that the Hartford was estopped from denying coverage since it had paid some benefits to her client and had sent letters to her client stating that the claim was accepted. After several court hearings, Geraldine obtained a final settlement of $150,000.

Geraldine Ly litigated a lengthy and difficult workers’ compensation case where her client was previously represented by a firm that ignored the client’s case and failed to allege all the body parts that he injured when he fell off of a utility pole. Her client required three back surgeries over the course of five years. After several years of hearings and conferences, the case was settled for $350,000 for his future medical treatment which included one revision fusion surgery.

Geraldine Ly represented an elderly woman who was struck by a linen cart as she was walking through UCI medical center. Her client sustained a broken hip, broken wrist, and other lacerations and sprains. Because of her advanced age (92), she was unwilling to withstand weeks of trial which compromised her ability to threaten the insurance company of getting a larger verdict at trial. Thus, the matter settled for $249,000.