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Even Office Injuries Can Be Life Altering And Require A Knowledgeable Attorney To Help You

Just because you work in an office does not mean that you are not at risk for on-the-job injuries. Many white collar workers are injured each year because of things that happen on the job. Some are injured in accidents, like ones caused by falling objects or unmarked office hazards. Others are injured by the repetitive stresses of typing or carrying heavy sales materials or other supplies.

At my law firm in Santa Ana, California, I represent white collar and office workers who have sustained injuries. My clients include white collar workers, salespeople, secretaries and other employees who sit at a computer all day. I help them pursue workers’ compensation claims so that they can get the benefits that they need and deserve.

Even Everyday Activities Can Lead To Significant Injuries

Many of my clients have sustained repetitive stress injuries, including carpel tunnel. If you use your hands for a living, an injury like this can have devastating effects. I can help you understand what actions to take, and I can guide you through the process.

Since 1994, I have done the same for clients. Extensive experience has helped me to develop in-depth knowledge of California workers’ compensation laws. I use this knowledge to achieve the best possible results. My focus is always on maximizing the compensation that you receive after an injury on the job.

Contact My Santa Ana, California, Law Firm

If you have experienced an injury while working in your office or white collar job, then you should speak with me so that you can learn more about your potential options. You can call my office at 714-418-4717 or by sending me a message online with a brief description of the type of injury you have. My office provides free initial consultations, so do not hesitate to reach out to me to learn if you have a potential claim. I can also assist Spanish and Cantonese speakers as well.

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